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l A Message From Master Paul Bowman r
Dear Friends,

Welcome to our home page. I have spent the last 40 years exploring and teaching martial arts.

It was not until meeting the likes of Master George Dillman, Professor Wally Jay and Professor Remy Presas that I truly realised that there was something amiss.

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I have now been training under Master George Dillman for 15 years and am now an official DKI Representative in the United Kingdom. Teaching kyusho jitsu (pressure points) alongside with Shotokan Karate, and incorporating Small Circle and Modern Arnis theories and concepts, combine to create a unique system.

We offer YOU the chance to experience this for yourself . This system can be used as a complete style or used in conjunction with any other methods.

I hope that you enjoy viewing this web site , and invite you to return soon, as this web site will be edited and updated frequently.

Yours in Budo, Paul Bowman

l Training Details r
  Quote: "It is human nature to take the easy way out: excuses can be found at every turn. The chance to expand and amplify your good quality is a gift at your own fingertips. This is dedicated to those who by accepting the challenge perpetuate the spirit of Martial Arts". - Paul Bowman Sensei  

TrainingTraining Details:
< KO Performed by Master Paul Bowman

Training commences every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at the Welcome Point, South Street, Enfield.

Students have the chance to study Traditional Shotokan Karate along with Kyusho Jitsu (pressure point fighting) and a variety of weapons such as Nunchaku, Tonfa, Sai, Bo and Katana.

All are welcome. For more information about the club please contact us.

l STORE UPDATE - 16/03/2009 r
New DVD's Added
  No Touch Knock Out System on 6 DVD's

Will Higginbotham UK Seminar 2008 DVD

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Gall Bladder 20


Stomach 1 is a YANG point and its element is EARTH...

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  We have a large database of pressure points which will be updated monthly. Click Here  
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Enfield Club
  Master Paul Bowman:  

Enfield, London
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For further information please email us.