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October News
October 2001

Mohamed Ali Training Camp, Now owned and run by George Dillman as a Martial Arts Training Camp as well as a bed & breakfast. I was in Pennsylvania earlier than the rest of our party, looking round and enjoying the sights. We had pre arranged to meet at the airport ( Reading ) were they were to pick up their hire car. All went fairly smoothly, other than Keith having a white knuckle experience ( the plane was quite small ). Everyone looked tired but excited to be there. I took three in my car, Paul took six and Keith had the rest. It was about 40 miles to the camp from Reading, a nice easy drive. And , whoops I missed the turning It Was Dark ( that's my excuse ). When we got to the camp, we were allocated our log cabins. Just so happened that I had parked right outside mine ( very handy ). Most of our guys were up the hill in the bunk house. The camp itself is set in a surprisingly large plot of land, almost carved into the side of a hill ( small mountain ). George stressed to us the importance of keeping it clean, and the painful penalties for littering. Needless to say no-one did.

Everyone was very eager for the training to start, while waiting we had a good look round the dojo. This was were Mohammed Ali sparred and trained. The ring had been removed and the floor matted, making a good sized area. There was not much wall space that did not have a picture or newspaper article showing Ali or George or Both . This made for very interesting reading. One wall had a beautifully painted mural showing the ring with Ali training with George and Kim as well as others onlooking.

The training was Excellent, we all picked up some golden nougets to help improve our own progress. One interesting thing was an abdominal exercise George told us about. Refered to as the 'dead bug'. You lie on your back, hands palm down to the side of your bum. You extend your legs, keeping them raised of the floor approx 12 inches. Then raise your head and back approx the same height. Then raise and turn your palms to face the sky. Now hold this position for a count of 108 seconds, or for as long as you can without getting the shakes and lowering your legs. The exercise should be done once a day ( ideally at the same time every day ) It was great to see Prof. Wally Jay, not only at the camp but on the mat teaching.

There are many martial artists which are sceptical about pressure points, not to mention chi or body energy. We have seen things at this camp which would turn their scepticism into outright disbelief. Using sound to improve the effectiveness of a technique, an example being 'kyu' & 'sho' . use the 'kyu' on down techniques and the 'sho' on upward techniques. The difference it makes is astounding.

I am sure those who train with us have had the problem of trying to describe a 'no touch knockout' to a sceptic non believer. Now try to explain a no touch Ko. from across the room or to Ko. someone running at you, again without touching them. It sounds like fantasy, yet we have seen it. I will try and describe them as best I can.

The first done by Jim Corn, his ( victim ) standing approx 10 feet away, Sensei Corn described the process as locking onto the person with his physic centre ( just below your belly button ) then focusing his chi from his hands ( left hand aiming at the area of tw 17, right hand aiming at the gallbladder cluster ) he described a mental image of firing laser beams through the persons head and having them cross somewhere in the middle. The result being a quick Ko. about 2 seconds.

The next done by Evan Pantaze, he requested a volunteer to run at him from about 25 feet away. While the incoming was about eight feet away sensei Pantaze dropped into a side stance with his right open palm facing the onrushing victim. The guy seemed to run into a wall, wavering and staggering. Sensei Pantaze then moved a little closer until the guy was on the ground, not touching him at any point. Looking round the room then I saw many shocked expressions, you could almost hear people saying 'is this for real' Damn Right It's For Real. And what a goal we have to work towards.

Seeing these two Ko's was possibly my highlight of the camp, but we saw so much else besides. How could I forget the Kareoke ( especially when I sing so well N O T ) Both George & Kim are fare from mike shy, they both sung several numbers. Not half bad ! I think George had a surprise when he heard Paul sing, that is SING, not what the rest of us were doing. Apollogies for all the stuff I have not told u about, that would take a month to write and just as long for you to read. I would like to add a quick thankyou to our sensei Master Paul Bowman, without whose dedicated study and efforts we would still be wandering in the preverbal darkness.

N. Donoghue

August News

Professor Remy Amador Presas sadly passed away on August 28, 2001 at the age of 65. All those who had the pleasure of meeting the professor will agree that theywere somewhat touched by the experience.

I first met the Professor in 1998 where he performed a small demo at the end of Master Dillman's seminar. I had heard a lot about the Professor from my instructor Master Paul Bowman. Professor Remy fulfilled my every expectation as a teacher and as a friend.

We met up again at his seminar a year later in England, where to my surprise the professor recognized and remembered me.

The last time that we had the pleasure of seeing and training with this great man was at the Small Circle Convention in Oakland California. Again the Professor showed us his great energy, skill and enthusiasm.

In late 2000 the professor was due to attend the Big 3 seminar in England. Unfortunately he did not make it. The Professor was diagnosed with having a brain tumor, which he never recovered from. He passed away on August 28, 2001 at the age of 65.

His body was flown back to his homeland, the Philippines, where he was given a heroes welcome and was later buried.

We will all miss Professor Remy, and the positive effect that he has had in our lives. His spirit lives on in us.

A memorial celebrating the Professors life and accomplishments will be held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on October 6, 2001.

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Victor Ktorakis,